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For the big part of my life I didn’t know who I was or where I was going. Torn apart by emotions, always struggling and going against the tide I felt unfulfilled and dissatisfied with myself and my fate.

My life was a constant string of unpleasant experiences and challenges.

I was a victim of fate, I allowed others to decide for myself and throw their sorrows onto me. I accepted and took everything calmly, yet I was screaming on the inside… When this internal pain became unbearable that’s when my growth and change has begun. 

My therapy allowed me to leave the role of the victim and finally took charge of my life.

Throughout my journey I took many paths to get to know myself but not until “Inner Child“ when I saw results and true transformation. I offer online sessions where I lead and support my clients, help them to heal. We work together on releasing traumas, blockages and old believes that no longer serve us and we introduce the new ones. It’s a multidimensional work. There are times that the process is very hard but I give you my full support, comfort and faith in your own endless abilities. I teach my clients to care for themselves, I teach mindfulness and listening to yourself… I show how important it is to pay attention to your needs and respect your individuality and uniqueness. I’ll take you on the journey to become YOURSELF again. Make your own decisions, take charge of your life. I teach confidence in yourself, I help to bring out the strength that is in each of us and drives us to act and grow on every possible level. I help you to see what you couldn’t see before. I will guide you in a process of learning how to respect and accept yourself just as you are! You’ll learn with me how to love yourself and you’ll see how your life will begin to flow and improve in a ways you always wanted and desired. There is no self-blame or criticism.

Does your life looks like this right now? Are your thoughts focused on how hopeless you are? Do you still compare yourself to others? Do you feel unworthy and lost? What if I tell you that all you think about yourself is not true? Are you tired of living below your potential and abilities? Or maybe you feel that you have suffered injustice, relationships failures, heartache, lack of influence on your life and others deciding for you? Do financial worries and insecurities keep you awake at night and stopping from enjoying your everyday life? How about unresolved feelings and issues with your parents and loved ones? Or simply you have had enough but don’t know how you can change it…

I invite you to my ONLINE sessions where I share my knowledge and experience with you so that changes can manifest in your life almost immediately after we start the process.

My work is my passion and I felt I needed to make the kind of difference in others lives that has been made in mine. I prepare throughly for each and every session, lead you step by step and assist you in every moment of doubt, pain and weakness.

We work together, our sessions are deep and you’ll experience transformation process. We will change old beliefs and replace them with new ones that serve your purpose in life. In my work I mainly focus on Inner Child Method but I also integrate many other practices and techniques that I have learned and work with throughout my life. My work with energy and combining everything I have learned guarantees quick results and makes it as effective as possible.

I want my clients to start living their best lives now. If you feel that you’re ready to discover yourself, I’ll be here to help you and lead you on your path to healing. I invite you to take this incredible journey with me.

CONTACT ME: annazieniuk.twojczas@gmail.com


I have known Anna for many years. She has been my very good and dear friend. From the day one when we met, I knew there is something very special about her and we basically click and been friends ever since. Anytime I needed help, she was there for me. Always listening and guiding me in the right path/directions. This past February, when my father died, she helped me with my grief. I remember that those were the hardest days of my life and she performed Akashic record with me, where I was able to see and talk to my own father!!! I was speechless about her ability to get me into right dimensions and also very satisfied that I could tell my dad everything what I wanted since his fast departure. I am very happy that she has those special gifts and is able to help people. She is very loyal friend who is always there for others. Please, if you have any problems, don’t hesitate and trust her with her amazing gifted abilities. . She knows what she is doing!
- Zuzanna M.